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Press articles | 04.2018

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Etappensieg für Schrägaufzug in Landshut
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Press articles | 04.2018

Richtfest in Landshut

Der Rohbau steht, das neue B&B Hotel in Landshut kann Richtfest feiern.
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Renewable energies, from the idea to the marketing.

FRONTERIS has been dealing in renewable energies since the '90s. After our initial investments in wind power plants, over the next few years we gradually built up sound competencies in the development, realisation and financing of wind power, solar and biogas plants. 

Apart from designing investment opportunities and structuring different kinds of financing models, FRONTERIS has an extremely solid equity base at its disposal –  for investments in sector-related projects and companies in need of capital, for example. 

At FRONTERIS we are also building up our own generating capacity and developing new concepts in the field of renewable energies, such as power marketing. With regard to operation management, FRONTERIS is responsible for technical monitoring and commercial management.

FRONTERIS is the professional contact for all stakeholders and parties interested in the renewable energies sector. 

FRONTERIS manages and coordinates the entire project development including the relevant project rights, and also the project realisation. 

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FRONTERIS designs and creates individual investment and financing models based on the conditions specific to the project. 

In addition to the commercial operation management and technical advice, FRONTERIS also handles the marketing of the wind, solar and biogas energy generated.  

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Performance record

Connected to the grid

279,0 MW Photovoltaic 
92,0 MW Wind
1,0 MW Biogas


200 Mio. € Wind 
54 Mio. € Biogas 
47 Mio. € Photovoltaic 


74 MW Wind
30,0 MW Photovoltaic
1,0 MW Biogas